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Accelerate the new frontier of growth of your company

Under the aegis of Appetals Chief Promoter Ishwar Jha, our acceleration program can help you craft innovative ideas leading you into new or emerging business areas. You can count on us to steer company growth with fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, consistency and accuracy.

Ethics, speed and boldness for powerful outcomes

With help of our growth acceleration program, you can grow with purpose, sustainability, and predictability. Our founders and team of experts have the knowledge and expertise to produce results for education, entertainment, media, financial and logistics sector. Whether you need to improve your customer experiences, unleash your tech capabilities, or ignite new growth with bold initiatives, we’re ready to accelerate your path to leap forward.

We Offer

Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation service creatively and strategically advises new capabilities, new tools and a new perspective to elevate processes, products, services, and customer experiences to solve the challenges businesses face today and uncover new possibilities.

Technology Advisory

Leveraging 3 decades of our IT expertise, we offer strategic advice, manage IT projects and IT infrastructure. We assist you in realising the full potential of your IT investments by providing on-demand access to specialised resources and assistance in hiring, and coaching tech talent.

Training and Bootcamp

Start, grow and scale your business to thrive in modern time with the right vision, proven strategies and planned actions. We have conducted workshops and training to leading entrepreneur forums, institutions and accelerators.


We start with understanding the underlying product strategy, measurable goals, and success metrics to ensure the product delivers value to customers and drive business growth.


Creating a user journey map, storyboard, prototype, and customer validation gives ideas a realistic shape based on the observations and client consensus.


Our designers blend user needs with business goals to design a user interface(UI) and user experience (UX) that make the product sustainable for achieving business goals.


Our team converts the design to a market-ready product by combining the information architecture, programming languages, frameworks, database systems, front-end tools, backend tools, and APIs.


We create a launch plan and release checklist to organise essential resources like servers, hosting, and configuration management to launch the product.


We support our client’s vision helping them run technology, support, and further development based on user feedback, suggestions, and market response.


Every successful product development starts with a solid understanding of the idea before creating a product that will be ‘above the bar.’

During the product sprint, we apply a step-by-step process to listen to the ideas carefully and understand the unique problem that will get solved. We explore assumptions and draw a value curve and value propositions.

By the end of the ideation phase, we align our vision of why, how, and what to help our client achieve their set goals.


Brainstorming together with the client to filter out noises, discover opportunities and validate the assumptions to achieve greater clarity about the results.

We develop user persona, user journey map, and storyboarding to discover the connections, emotions, essence, and voice that will attract customers to buy and use the product.

We do competitive analysis and customer validation to validate the assumptions as part of the product sprint. It helps us in evaluating the assumptions and consensus-building with the client team..


Converting prototypes into the elegant user interface(UI) and user experience(UX) for positive impact and product success.

We have delivered dozens of beautiful and usable mobile apps, websites, and web applications over the past two decades.

Product Sprint is based on our experience designing and delivering delightful customer product experiences.


Achieve product supremacy through strategic thinking, can-do attitude, and scalable technology architecture.

We architect and develop technology solutions applying perfectly articulated information architecture, programming languages, frameworks, database systems, front-end tools, backend tools, and APIs.

Our clients get assured results of winning in the market using our tech skills and experiences.


When launching a new digital product, we flesh out the product launch strategy and provide measurable indicators of success.

We practice agile project management methodology to manage the project and track progress.


We work with our clients in monitoring and predicting the demand for scaling based on their needs. Our infrastructure provisioning team uses modern DevOps tools to provide optimum infrastructure suitable for business needs.

We tune the scaling strategy based on user acquisition, new features requirement, uptime, speed, and performance to deliver a quality experience.

Accelerate your business with the right vision, proven strategies, and planned actions

Whether running a startup or an established business, our 6-step process approach will help you plan and prepare you and your team for exponential growth.

Product Launch Sprint: Idea to Launch in 6-Step

Launch the product in a comprehensive, predictable, and efficient way.

We have designed our Launch Sprint using a process-driven approach to stand alongside founders as they bring their vision to life. We are entrepreneurs with a mission to help businesses build real things with our field tested methods and strategies. We help entrepreneurs:

  • Ideate innovatively and Discover the big picture
  • Practice Design Thinking
  • Blue Ocean Strategy and build a Business Model Canvas
  • Conduct Rapid Prototype Test with real customers
  • Validate and Obtain Feedback before product launch

Business Planning Bootcamp: The Roadmap to Business Success

Launch the product in a comprehensive, predictable, and efficient way.

We have spent over three decades working closely in the areas of business planning, strategy, sales, marketing, and operations management. The Business Planning Bootcamp is the culmination of all the learning that the team had while building highly reputable organisations. We assist businesses in:

  • Building a business model
  • Devising sales and marketing strategy
  • Employing best practices
  • Provide continuous mentoring to assure long-term success

Zero to Crore Workshop: Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Passion

Jumpstart your entrepreneurial passion to build a company with one crore in revenue using an unique field-tested process.

We work with global corporations handling key responsibilities, managing projects and preparing new age founders with the mindset, method and toolkit that maximises the chance of entrepreneurial success. We help entrepreneurs succeed with our process driven approach to:

  • Create a product that generates customer interest
  • Design their value proposition
  • Apply field tested methodologies to develop business plans
  • Make financial projections
  • Design marketing strategies
  • Devise a sales plan
  • We understand what it takes to launch, scale and strategise with customer centricity as key focus.