Design, Development and Startups

Getting Started: Build Right Product for Right Customers

A start-up tend to have limited number of customers at the beginning. Therefore it is very important to find who your first customers are, but not necessarily a broad customer group. Begin with assuming who would be your first customers, what is the problem that you are solving, and how will the customers buy from you. You turn these assumptions into hypothesis and then test it through interviews with potential customers putting evidence behind your product-market fit.

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Pitch your Business Idea

Ideas are the lifeblood of an entrepreneur. You have been dreaming to start your business and want to turn your idea into reality. Defining a business idea will help you articulate your thoughts and validate it in terms of whether it is worth spending time and effort on. Think from the investor’s perspective – They want an idea to be condensed, something short, something catchy, intriguing, something you can instantly understand and relate to. Something you can get excited about. Now go back to your true self and think “Does your Idea meet their expectation”

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The 5 Whys – Digging deep into the root cause of the problem

It may not always be possible to get an answer to any problem immediately. You may need to gather and analyze more information in order to answer it properly, or do more thinking and brainstorming. The root cause of the problem is often hidden behind less obvious symptoms. The ‘5 Why’ technique will get you there. By WHY, we mean your purpose, cause or belief: Like Why does your company exist, Why do you get out of bed every morning…Getting to the root cause and fixing the problem ensures that the same issue won’t occur again. It is like curing the disease rather than applying the bandages.

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The Big Picture

A little girl was drawing in her empty book. She was fully focused and rarely looked away from the paper. “What are you doing?” asked her father, curiously looking over her shoulder. “I’m drawing a picture of God.” Her father frowned, “But people don’t...

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Infographic: Starting a Business in India

This graphic boasts of a simple and step-by-step process to be followed for setting up business in India. The business environment in India continues to be controlled through various regulatory and administrative compliance which, if not adhered properly may cause the violation of the law and cause business disruption.

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