Business Consulting Service

We work with business owners and their team to align business mission, strategies and goals to make them exponentially better at business-building and steer their path with periodic reviews.

Business Consulting Service for?

If you’re a Business Owner, Founder or CEO of business ready to steer exponential revenue, sales, marketing, and operation growth…
Together with you and the executive team, we will dig deeper to uncover:

Clarify meaningful & achievable goals (mission, sales, marketing, profit) for your business.

Prepare the action blueprint you need to guide your path to meet those goals.

Outline the metrics you need to measure along the way to ensure you’re on track for your biggest year to date.

Provide our strategic intervention and diagnostics until you achieve your set goals.

Inside SME Business Growth Consulting


Module 1: The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Game Plan

  • Knowing the journey from Idea to IPO to sail the boat in the right direction
  • The dream, vision, purpose and mission and the system for achieving the goals
  • Business structure, culture, and people for winning the game
  • Building the habits of getting focused and getting things done

Module 2: The Exponential Growth Playbook

  • Revenue planning using the law of compounding based 5-step process
  • Discovering real customers, and addressing their pains in a meaningful way
  • Competitive analysis to push for product/service innovation to create uncontested market
  • Value discovery and proposition design for a competitive edge

Module 3: Financial modelling for cash flow and profit visibility

  • Financial modeling to capture market opportunities, support cash flow and make profit visible
  • Business plan to present and create a shared understanding with employees and investors
  • Discovering strategies to align and guide efforts for achieving the planned result
  • Team and culture necessary for hiring people for a 5-star result

Module 4: Revenue-centric Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Marketing strategy to acquire customers most likely to buy your product
  • Inbound and outbound marketing strategy to support the revenue goals
  • Identify and target the marketing channel for maximum conversion of prospects to paying customer
  • Digital marketing essential for connecting with customer using social media, email marketing, and PR among other means

Module 5: Sales Team and System For Becoming Wildly Successful

  • Selling strategies to present a strong value proposition for strong pricing and a strong margin
  • Action roadmap for a continual stream of leads and converting leads to paying customers
  • Cross-selling, upselling and engaging with existing customers for word of mouth marketing
  • Implimenting an effective sales CRM that tracks snf reports the progress

Module 6: Preparing Pitch Deck and Raising Capital

  • Exploring the availabe business financing avenues
  • Mastering the fundraising funnel
  • Preparing the pitch deck to get in front of the prospective investors
  • How to identify, connect, engage and get funding from the prospective investors

Module 7: Periodic review and intervention consulting

  • A fortnightly, monthly, quarterly review meeting to gauge the progress and decide on remedial actions
  • Validate goals vs actual accomplishments to identify the triggers necessary for effective implementation of the plan
  • Realigning people, marketing, tactics, and actions to address unmet goals

Reputable promoters

Our promoter team has over 30 years of proven experience and caliber for building businesses. We combine field-tested process, hand holding, mentoring and industry references necessary for you to launch and grow your business.

A helping hand at every stage

We walk the journey together with you until you are launched in the market. We help you identify right partners, hire rockstar talent, setup operations, launch marketing and find anchor customers for you to get launched for success.

Field-tested process

We work with you to convert your ideas into a strong value proposition using tools of ideation, brainstorming, design thinking, business modelling, planning and product development. Allow yourself to be prepared for chance.

The Big Picture

When you sign up for Business Growth Consulting, we’ll work together with you to dive deeper into your business to uncover the latent potentials and steer your path for a visible win.