Customer Journey Mapping

After getting a clarity on the customer profiles, you’ll want to look from a holistic viewpoint at what the customers are doing before, during, and after the time they use your product. This will add context to your project and highlight opportunities you may have otherwise missed.

The technique used here is customer journey mapping which helps to document the customer’s experience from beginning to end, their
service interactions and accompanying emotions in a highly accessible manner.

A simple journey map can help you visualise your customer’s emotional landscape through storytelling – all your “what ifs” questions will be answered and your customers will always be your number one priority.

Action: Map your Customer’s Journey

Allow your imagination to soar beyond context and boundaries. You can follow the below mentioned steps for drawing your Big Picture

  • Break down the journey of each persona into different stages. Identify the touch points where the customer would interact with
    your product or service
  • Draw chart labels for each activity in their user experience, draw a chronological chart label representing their – attitude, behaviour, on-stage experience, back-stage support
  • Map it using shapes, arrows, colours and labels to show directions, paths and alternatives.
  • Point out any issues and note where you might need more

Make a copy using Google Docs-> File->Make a copy option.

Additional Tips:

  • Use whatever you think most clearly communicates your story
  • Use a designer- they will help you produce the best visuals that will grab attention
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