Define your Customer Persona

You know your Customer’s Needs, Wants, and Desires…. Customer Segments… Target Audience….
But there is still something missing….???
And that is….your customer’s behaviors, their stories/ background, their emotions, expectations, concerns, etc
To get an understanding of these you have to go deep into their Personas.

Personas are composite constructs of people, representations of the different types of people who use your product/service. They may be imaginary but not fictional, as they are based on knowledge of your customer base and/or user base. Personas are less about demographic data, and more about context, attitude, and behavior.

When designing personas, the story needs to cover –

  • demographic representation of the character like age, gender;
  • general traits like occupation, interests, hobbies;
  • psychological traits like needs, motivations, aspirations, etc

This will help to get different perspective on your product offering or the services being provided by your product. It will shift your focus away from abstract demographics to the actual needs, wants and desires of real customers.

Action: Build your Customer Personas

You can make your customer personas in the following manner:

  • Start with a quick recap of the data gathered from the previous 2 exercises – Needs, Wants & Desires and Customer Segmentation
  • Categorize customer personas with some or all of the following information:
    1. Category of Persona (i.e. information seeker)
    2. Name for your persona (any fictional name, you can also use the real name of the customer you interview previously)
    3. Designation/ Job Title and key work responsibilities
    4. Backstory (demographics such as age, education, family status, social connect, lifestyle, etc.)
    5. Motivation (the goals and tasks they are trying to complete)
    6. Images (photos and images representing their user groups)
  • You can create it as per the example below and as per the template attached

Make a copy using Google Docs-> File->Make a copy option. Consider your target audience also while creating your Personas.

.Additional Tips:

  • Create profile of min 5 customers to get an understanding of the target audience’s individual preferences, needs and behavior
  • Pool customers into separate segments according to the type and variables they have in common
  • Create a “workable character” that will help you keep moving towards your idea
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