Enterprise Innovation Sprint

We work with the enterprise customers as well as startup entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into a working prototype in just five days. We apply the methods of business model generation, customer development, design thinking, blue ocean strategy, and agile engineering to design a market ready product.


Gain from our road-tested skills and expertise to make your big ideas a real thing with discipline, speed, boldness and the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Discover new opportunities in rapidly changing business environment and grow your business with our field-tested process of product and service innovation.

Our Innovation Sprint offering is based on the guided process of ideation, brainstorming, prototyping, and customer validation to innovate. Together with your team, the sprint program will convert “big challenges” to market-ready solutions and positive experiences.


Our training approach heavily relies on proven tools of innovations, interactive brainstorming, and peer evaluation to infuse the mindset essential for the enterprise team to develop a comprehensive technology strategy, roadmap, process and project plan.

Learn to build customer-centric products using best practices, techniques, tools to transform big challenges into a market-leading opportunity to augment your business vision and planned growth.


We work with enterprise clients to bring outside-in innovation to assess the opportunities/risks, develop strategies and inspire confidence using open collaboration and guided techniques of idea innovation.

During the Sprint Hackathon, we work with the client team, external collaborators, and innovation experts for building products, improving efficiencies and future roadmap visibility.


Product Development

Innovation sprint provides a structured approach to build new products and services. During the sprint, our facilitators work together with the client team to discover customer segments, value proposition, sketch innovative solutions, prototype and validate the outcome with real customers.

Software Development

Product Development team across the world use sprint method to create software products as well as relaunch existing ones with better features and user experiences. You will build the software applying the methodology of agile user experience and product design process putting in the center the business goals, technology and user requirements.

Digital Transformation

Our sprint process will prepare your team to respond to the market disruptions and address them with the speed which will offer you a competitive edge. We work with the client to allow focussed thinking using proven tools and newer technologies to identify trends and create new values.



Module 1: Enterprise innovator's Mindset

We begin innovation sprint sharing with stakeholders about the sprint process and activities centered on challenges and opportunities that team will solve together generating ideas, providing valuable inputs, and discovering market-leading values. We apply following tools to achieve increased engagement and buy-in, develop confidence in the company’s direction, and get team engaged in implementation efforts.
– Define and describe business vision, mission, and values
– Define products and services
– Identify and name the real customers
– Competitive landscape analysis
– Value discovery and value curve
– Strong value proposition to attract customers to buy the product


Module 2: Value Proposition Discovery

The sprint team is challenged to think beyond the obvious looking at contexts, experiments and adjacent opportunities to understand the unique problem idea solves for the customer and the values business needs to deliver in order to offer a strong value proposition to the customer. To achieve our goals, we organize our efforts as follows:
– The big picture
– Needs wants and desire analysis
– Competitive edge and value curve
– Business model canvas

We conclude module one developing a shared understanding of the business vision of why, how and what is that can help you achieve your goals in a right way.


Module 3: Sketch and Prototype

We apply series of proven tools to build, test and then rework as necessary to design the prototype of the product. This process helps know the requirements, identify missing links, build the visual model, and validate the prototype to measure its impact on solving customer problem in a meaningful way.

– Must have features discovery
– User journey map
– Storyboarding
– Idea sketching
– Prototyping
– Voting and acceptance


Module 4: Customer Validation

Having learning of business model and the value proposition, we begin customer validation process to showcase the prototype to the customer, check the assumptions and fine-tune the assumptions.
– Prepare the questionnaire for customer interview
– Schedule meeting with customers
– Conduct customer interview
– Develop agreement between team members
– Discuss and refine business model, value proposition, and prototype based on customer input


Module 5: Architecture & Specification

Our Sprint Facilitators develop the final prototype or work with the client team to make interactive and presentable. We reviews the interactive wireframe with the client, adjusts gaps or any suggestions, and conducts the customer interview. We also work together with the client to develop the System Design Specification Document along with the suggested technical architecture to help client commission the project for the development.

Our final delivery includes:
– Design ready mid-fidelity prototype
– Review with the client
– System Design Specification document
– Technical Architecture for the product development



Yogita Jagdhane

Financial Advisor & Trainer, Nashik

“It’s a fantastic program to revisit your vision, mission, and goals. The program allows entrepreneurs to realize the marketing, sales and action blueprint which they can use to achieve business results which will help them achieve their vision.”

Sunil Chandak

Founder and CEO, Udyogwardhini, Nashik

“When I started for this Bootcamp, I was wondering what am I going to do for 2 days. In 2 days, I am able to declutter our mind and get clarity on what we need to do in order to achieve our business vision and success. Our time during the workshop has been very constructive and I am walking out with the conviction and a definitive plan about our actions.”

Suraj Bajaj

Founder and CEO, Collegepond, Mumbai

“I am totally rejuvenated and refreshed by today’s session by Ishwar Jha. I resonate with the program with his name abbreviation:
I for inspiring
S for Setting high standards
H for High quality for giving right directions
W for Warrier attitude
A for Amazing Talents
R for Roarer and he makes us roar.”

Sachin Parekh

Famous Bollywood actor, known for PK, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha and Paa.