Feedback and Review

You have developed your idea/concept, created the first prototype of your product/ service, shown it to your potential customers and
understood what they think about it. It’s now time to integrate their feedback into your work, review your prototype in the best way to
refine your idea until it’s something that’s sure to be adapted and embraced.

However remember that this is just a method for refining your idea. Not for getting the ultimate solution for the first time. You’d
probably do it a few times to work out the tricks to get the fight solution.

Action: Review your progress

It is important to go through this process systematically to avoid errors. Explicitness about how decisions were made enables others to assess how well the process protected against errors.

  • Sit with your design team and share the feedback that you have collected from the potential customers
  • You can also brainstorm around your idea once again as it may change based on your feedback received
  • Incorporate the reviews and start building the next version of your prototype
  • You may repeat the same customer validation techniques for the new prototype

Make a copy using Google Docs-> File->Make a copy option.

Additional Tips:

  • Try different versions of prototype to see how users react
  • Ensure that your users give you an honest and constructive feedback
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