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Why should you hire DevOps Engineer from Appetals Solutions?

Hand-picked DevOps Engineer

We carefully hand-pick smart, experienced, responsible, and responsive candidates.

Prescreened Candidates

We prescreen candidates using our intelligent interviewing software to find qualified DevOps Engineer.

Quick turnaround

Our database of over 23000 candidates assures you of quick turnaround time.

Flexible Contract Terms

We provide cost-effective fees and flexible commercial terms for a seamless experience.

Client-centered Approach

Appetals’ hiring experts work alongside our client’s team to find the right fit for your business.

Efficient Hiring Process

Our recruiting model follows a proven step-by-step process for screening, selection, and coordination..

Extend your DevOps team to make meaningful improvements, deploy automation, and get updates out of the door faster.

DevOps Evangelist

DevOps is all about making technology development and operations work cohesively to deliver software faster, operate robust IT infrastructure, and swiftly get updates out of the door. DevOps Evangelists will create a strategic plan to ensure stakeholders’ buy-in, identify roles and organization structure for smooth DevOps delivery, and ensure the team has the expertise to deliver results. The DevOps Evangelist acts as a change agent owning and delivering DevOps results through successful implementation of DevOps processes.

DevOps Release Management

In the CI/CD DevOps environment, you need to continuously and flawlessly coordinate, integrate, test and deploy software to support continuous delivery. Release managers would take responsibility for end-to-end software development and deployment lifecycle.

DevOps Automation Architect

Ensuring that all functions and processes deliver the optimum result, the automation architect focus on breaking down obstacles, deploying automation, and removing redundancies. In a nutshell, Automation Architects pave the way to manage a continuous delivery pipeline and speed up the process involved for the development and deployment.

DevOps Engineer

The key deliverables of the DevOps function are to manage code, create new builds, automate deployment, manage configuration and prepare release notes. It would be best to have qualified DevOps Engineers having skills and experience in maintaining server and networking infrastructure, strong knowledge of operating systems, shell scripting, cloud computing infrastructure management, and database management.

Site Reliability Engineer

To make the DevOps infrastructure deliver a high-quality experience, you need to consider infrastructure orchestration, tools, monitoring, and operations. Site Reliability Engineers would patch together the essential infrastructure, server, cloud solutions, and data storage to work seamlessly.

DevOps Security engineer

It is essential to protect your site from unauthorized access, intrusion, and malware. DevOps Security Engineers take up the responsibility for network, server, and software security. They plan, assess and deploy security policy, firewalls, IDS, penetration testing, and use security management tools.

DevOps Testing Engineer

In modern DevOps, it’s the need of the hour to ensure that all new features and functions releases work as planned and meet the end-user experience. DevOps Testing Engineers with expertise in software testing, test pipeline creation, unit testing, and automation testing work alongside the development and operation team to deliver a positive customer experience.

Hire your DevOps Management team with our impeccable lineup of prescreened and result-ready candidates.

DevOps Architect

Build better DevOps methodologies and practices for your DevOps setup by hiring well qualified and experienced DevOps Architect. They’ll take up the responsibility of planning and executing the DevOps environment having tools, technology, and team to make your DevOps operation productive and result-ready.

DevOps Architect will have experience maintaining large-scale infrastructure, production workloads, code deployment pipelines, and configuration management.

DevOps Engineer

Hire a DevOps Engineer to develop and support Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline for applications and services needed to meet business needs and objectives.

DevOps Engineer must have experience creating the plan, functional and technical specification, launch and maintain the DevOps infrastructure using best practices standards for development and deployment automation.

Cloud Engineer

The Cloud Engineer having proven track records of working with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud will help you excel in delivering high-value solutions to manage IT infrastructure.

Their key responsibility will include unlocking the project complexities by applying meaningful perspectives, identifying roadblocks, and integrating feedback from stakeholders.

Inside look at our it Hiring Process

Our IT staffing process centers on providing prescreened talent as per client need fulfilling technical expertise, professionalism, culture fit, and communication skills.


Identify Client Needs

We discover skills, expertise, and culture fit by reviewing the job description and interaction with the client.


Shortlist candidates

We use our vast pool of databases, online platforms, and referral networks to find ideal candidates.


Conduct initial screening

Our HR and technical experts conduct phone interviews for initial screening to gauge the fitment and candidate’s readiness to transition to the new job.


Present profiles to the client

We present candidate profiles for further shortlisting and interview scheduling by the client.


Interviewing, assessments, and due diligence

Together with the client, our team coordinates for scheduling interviews, assessments, and background check as may be required.


Hiring and Onboarding

We follow up for offer acceptance, joining, and onboarding the selected candidates.