How to Learn and Excel System Design to Become a Better System Engineer

With the emergence of cloud computing, application complexity, and increased scalability demand, system design has become the key to success for applications and technology solutions. To become a better engineer, you need to keep learning new techniques, proven strategies, and innovative methods to build a better system.

Wikipedia defines “System design is the process of defining the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements.”
To design a system, you need to consider the marketing, design, business objectives, and growth plan to provide a system design that satisfies the organization’s specified requirements and objectives.

Hence, designing systems have become a complex subject to learn and gain expertise to make it effective, optimal, and useful.

I have been building globally scalable systems for the past 25 years. I always get drawn to find newer and relevant resources and learn and hone my skill to design systems effectively. Here are two top resources that I find highly useful and recommend if you are interested in it.

As an engineer, you would always dream of becoming better at designing scalable and high-performance systems.
This Github repo is an organized collection of resources to help you learn how to build systems at scale. I liked the mindmap, which provides the roadmap of tasks and roles you will be playing to be a better engineer.

System Design Primer on Github

Another resource that will help you further enhance your expertise is also from Github. It has a carefully selected collection of links/documents to help you a) Prepare for a system engineer interview, b) Learn more about how large-scale systems work, and 3) thought process of designing a new system.

System Design Preparation

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