Structure a Good Product / Solution Hypothesis for your Business

Your aim is to create a meaningful impact in the lives of people when they use your product or service.
When you read a book, listen to music, use a product, service or venture, you resonate with it. You feel the power that lies in it.
Think about the solution that your product is going to offer in a way that it allows the consumer to connect with emotions, promises, and the thing that your product is going to do for them.
The question you should ask?
How can I create an experience that allows my target customer to feel my soul through my work?

Action: Frame your Solution Hypothesis

You can follow the below mentioned steps for solution hypothesis

  • You need to be your creative best to think of an nth way to solve the problem
  • Think of a potential scenario that will emerge when your solution is used by the customer
  • Look at the opportunities and challenges you are addressing and the best possible thing you can do to address it
  • Look at easy, better, comprehensive and optimum way to define your solution

Make a copy using Google Docs-> File->Make a copy option.

Additional Tips:

  • Describe all possible scenarios and contexts under which your target customer will benefit from your solution. Establish the notions
    with the facts and solutions for each scenario
  • Get an insider view of the current solutions
  • Look at adjacent industries and market segments to find complimentary hypothesis and incremental ideas
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