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Free yourself from low transparency, manual documentation and time-consuming methods of transporting your export and import cargo

About the Gocon Cargo Trucking App

Gocon is a leading logistics aggregation platform catering to shipping the import and export containers from various ports in India. The company aims to deliver quality service at a competitive price using modern software tools, data analytics, route optimization, and machine learning.


There are 13 major ports in India, having a throughput capacity of 1.7 cr. TEU per annum. The port ecosystem is quite congested and inefficient due to high volume movement, fluctuating transportation rates, and delays during the clearance process.

We at Appetals engaged with the client to build a system that addresses these challenges using the modern technology infrastructure and customer-facing mobile and web applications.
Build application solution for shippers and transporters which is easy to use, navigate and transact.

√ The technology solution should have algorithmic programming to maintain the trucking availability in real-time and allow shippers to see the nearby available trucks.

√ Transporters should accept the orders at an instant and start the process of lifting the cargo from the port.

√ The system should be adhering to the clearing process and documentation for seamless movement of containers from the port to the shipper destination.

√ The solution should provide payment gateway integration and invoicing feature.

Project Scope

Our company, Appetals Solutions, started working on building the software solutions with aims to help Gocon to launch transportation automation solutions to deliver the following benefits to the shippers, transporters and Gocon:

√ Develop uber-type trailer discovery, booking, trailer tracking and communication system.

√ Develop a Mobile Application for truckers to book the load, submit quotes and access related business information.

√ To build and launch Mobile Application for shippers to submit RFQ, accept transporter offers, track the status of their shipment, make payment and update the status.

√ Deploy an integrated web-based dashboard for Gocon to manage, communicate and track business operations.

√ Integrate with the port ERP system, Google Maps, Payment Gateway providers, Email/Messaging Gateway, GPS tracking system, and related third-party systems.

Key Deliverables

Since the scope of the app was to provide a complete solution for various stakeholders involved in the container trucking process, we delivered the following applications to the client:

√ Android App for Shippers

√ Android App for Transporters

√ Website development

√ Deploy an integrated web-based dashboard for Gocon to manage, communicate and track business operations.

√ Admin Dashboard for shippers, transporter and Gocon team

Features and Benefits

As stated earlier, the entire scope involved building a comprehensive and integrated system for shippers, transporters, ports and Gocon Logistics. We provided the following features:

Admin Dashboard for Gocon Platform Management Team

An intuitive and secured admin dashboard to allow the Gocon business team to configure and administer various tasks related to the management of the application setup.

Ability to add transporters, trucks, activate GPS, track the trucks and provide reports and notifications to handle the truck movement quickly.

Shipper management module within the dashboard to add shippers, rate contract, payment term, and invoicing.

System configuration and setting management for masters, user management and taxonomy.

Mobile and Web Application for Shippers

As part of the project’s scope, we developed an Android mobile app and Web application for shippers.

The shippers can sign up, sign in and carry out other user management tasks using the app interface.

The shippers can book the shipment viewing the availability and rate displayed on the screen. We also provided the feature to shippers to invite bids from the transporter for efficient rate discovery.

The GPS tracking feature provided shippers track the status of their booked truck, notifications to keep informed and exception handling based on predefined parameters.

Using invoicing and payment features, the shippers can download invoices, make payments, and download receipts.

Mobile and Web Application for transporters

Transporters have a prime role in the entire solution scope. We supported them with an Android app having following features:

Transporters can register, enroll their trucks and use the application in their preferred language using the multilingual interface provided in the Gocon transporter app.

Transporters can see their orders, bid for open offers, allocate trucks and commission the order using the app.

The app provides a document upload/download feature to receive digital versions of required documents to commission the shipment quickly.

GPS tracking feature allows drivers to drive vehicles using the map and estimate arrival time at the destination.

Our feature in the app allows the transporter to complete the shipment, request payment and generate the invoice.

Technology Stacks Used

Web Application

We have used Node JS, JavaScript, Angular 11 and MySQL Database to build the entire software’s admin dashboard and back-end systems.

Android Development

The mobile app for the shippers and transporters is developed using Android SDK and Kotlin programming language.

APIs and Integrations

We have developed REST API with OAuth 2.0 for secure data transmission between various systems. We have also integrated with Google Maps, GPS tracking system, Payment gateway and various other systems.

Impact and Outcome

The app is considered a gamechanger in the container trucking space as it is the first such application launched in India. The efforts were highly recognized and well received by most stakeholders.

Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata, has impaneled it as the official container trucking system and guiding its members to use the app.

It has significantly improved the rate discovery, transparency and tracking of shipments anytime, anywhere.

Gocon Logistics team is working tirelessly to impact and lead the industry with their impeccable efforts.

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