Your ideas should be modelled in a tangible way such that it functions properly, conveys the right message and is suitable for the
target audience. This is where prototyping plays an important role to ensure that your product is serving its purpose. If there are any errors or problems then the prototype is improved and tested again before it is fully functional and launched in the market.

Prototyping can range from paper to service prototypes. Wireframes are majorly used in the creation of web and mobile application
solutions. The details of wireframe depend completely on the creator and their idea of website/ mobile app and its elements.
Now let’s get started!

Case Example:

Getting you inspired – below is the mobile app wireframe for shipping goods.

Action: Create your prototype

Get actively involved in creating your first version of the product by prototyping in the correct way

  • Discuss tools – which tools do you need for prototype/ wireframe
  • Think about your business – What are the most important aspects and information you want to illustrate? Detail only what
    is necessary
  • Try to create a model from as few parts as possible, assembling smaller sections
  • Identify the ways users would discover, understand and engage with it
  • Refine the prototype based on user feedback and try different versions to see how people react

Make a copy using Google Docs-> File->Make a copy option.

Additional Tips:

  • Have an outsider try to use an aspect of your service with your prototype
  • Think through how you could make it before jumping in. Do little experiments to see if the approach would work
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