The Elements of Good Product Management

What is product management?

The ability to craft a product, world-changing ideas, inventions, creations, messages, technologies, services, archetypes, frameworks, platforms, and communities to allow users to get what they want and connect with emotions is where product management people’s power lies.

People buy what the product does to and for them. They buy the yearning to feel more of what that “product” lets them feel. And that’s not just about the nuts and bolts of what you make, but how you create the experience of connection and consumption. So, to be a good fit for product management, you should ask yourself a question: “How can I create an experience that allows others to feel my soul through my work? And in doing so, feel their own? And, then will you?”

And to achieve these results, a good product management team needs to know what the customer wants, the market, the right product for the customer and the market, and the competition.

Every successful product management team has a good product manager who acts as the product’s CEO. A good product manager takes full responsibility and measures its success in terms of the success of the product:

    • A good product manager makes a complete, practical, and proven plan considering their business, revenue, financial, competition, etc.
    • A good product manager possesses skills to execute the plan himself or with team members working under him.
    • They equip themselves with the tools supporting the effective application of their skills for a better result.
    • And finally, a good product manager has the mindset that enables them to overcome challenges, be decisive, and accept responsibility for their outcomes collectively and individually.

When the product management team works together towards a common vision, their efforts align with organizational objectives and fuel their efforts to attain planned results. They deliver:

      • The product traction by attracting, onboarding, and retaining users supporting the organizational vision and revenue goals.
      • Their product plan provides the confidence to move forward with the product ready for the market win.
      • The product is tightly aligned with the revenue model as agreed between the stakeholders for sustainable business growth.
      • They establish themselves as a force in the market instead of just being in the ring but unable to stay in it.
      • They spend more time doing those important things to make them successful than getting caught up in day to day.

What are your thoughts about good product management?

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