The real threat and the real challenge of technology ridden world

Tech innovators across the globe are applying their focus, intent, and ability to make things intelligent and addictive. But, it is creating a new kind of problem — humanity is developing a new kind of addiction and limitation in our mind to analyze, identify and values that we want to have. If you are interested to know the consequences of artificial intelligence.

While you’ll finish visualizing the challenges that everything smart (smartwatch, smart glass, smart home, smart car, smart appliances, etc.) will impose on you, it will be an eye-opener for you to know the ethical consequences of building addictive technologies.

And, guess what? Apple, the company which built a trillion dollar empire taking away our money building addictive phones, tablets and devices have finally decided to act like a responsible netizen. You will soon find Apple giving us the ability to get rid of our addictive habits.
It’s like a cigarette company posting the warning on the packet “Smoking Cigarette is injurious to your health.”

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