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Jumpstart your entrepreneurial passion to build a company with one crore in revenue using an unique field-tested process.

Ishwar Jha

A leader in the field of digital transformation and technologies, Ishwar Jha is the founder and director of Appetals Solutions Private Limited, a company that offers innovative solutions to accelerate, automate and transform businesses with help of technology. He is the founder of many of first-of-its-kind products and solutions. He has a rich experience of working with leading companies like Zee Entertainment, Sony Music, and many others. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise as a speaker, mentor, investor, coach, and consultant.

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Zero to One Crore Workshop

Are you ready to transform your business dreams into reality? Welcome to the battle-tested and well-structured Zero to Crore Workshop. This process-driven workshop is your compass for framing, building and launching your startup ideas with proven methodologies. Here is what you’ll be able to achieve in this 3-hour workshop:

  • Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and focus on enriching the journey of converting an idea to a successful company.
  • Our skilled team of expert presenters will lead the way, following a comprehensive process to create irresistible values that will maximize your chance for success.
  • Equip yourself with proven framework, mental models, and tools for idea development, innovation, brainstorming, business model generation, and strategic development, delivering planned results.
  • Discover uncontested market opportunities and gain a competitive edge with a strong value proposition and unique offering.
  • Refine your business idea and engage in hands-on prototyping and customer validation exercise.
  • Prepare business models, business plans, marketing strategies, and compelling pitch decks to evaluate and present your idea to investors and stakeholders.

Why Zero to Crore Workshop is the most preferred choice for startup founders, businesses, entrepreneurship cells, accelerators and incubators across India:

  • Learn company building through a comprehensive curriculum, expert talks, hands-on activities, and assignments.
  • Present your startup pitch to program facilitators and participants, receiving valuable feedback and improvement suggestions.
  • Post-session assignments support your idea development, prototyping, validation and launch.
    Engage in one-on-one discussions with program directors, addressing any issues related to your progress.
  • Join us on this transformative journey and power your entrepreneurial dreams to new heights. The Zero to Crore Workshop is your key to igniting entrepreneurial success.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Get inspired knowing what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset and how it can help you create and grow your own business. You will examine the motivations, passions, and skills as an entrepreneur.

Idea Innovation and Development

You will learn how to come up with, innovate, develop, and test ideas for a new product or service that solves a real problem for your customers. You will learn how to design a value proposition that clearly communicates the benefits and features of your product to your target customers. You will also learn how to validate your idea using various methods such as customer interviews, surveys, prototypes, and experiments.

Business Planning

You will learn how to come up with, innovate, develop, and test ideas for a new product or service that solves a real problem for your customers. You will learn how to design a value proposition that clearly communicates the benefits and features of your product to your target customers. You will also learn how to validate your idea using various methods such as customer interviews, surveys, prototypes, and experiments.

Legal and Structure

Taking care of the essential structural elements of legal, accounting, organisation structure, management, and processes for running your venture.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Know how to focus on the go-to-market strategy and the best way to launch your product in the market. You will learn how to identify your target segments, channels, pricing, positioning, and promotion strategies. You will also learn how to measure and optimize your performance using key metrics and feedback.

Launch Checklist

You will get a comprehensive list of milestones and tasks that you need to complete before launching your business. You will get a tool to track your progress, avoid common pitfalls, and ensure that you are ready for the launch day.

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Take yourself a step closer to turning entrepreneurial dreams into a reality by joining our transformative Business Growth Bootcamp and mentoring. Conceptualized and led by Ishwar Jha, a mastermind with over 3 decades of business expertise, the program is designed to fuel your journey to success. Culminating years of accumulated knowledge, proven strategies, and invaluable experience, the program offers an immersive 4-day Business Blueprint Sprint followed by ongoing mentoring and team coaching. Unravel the secrets of creating a robust and resilient organization, master the art of strategic planning, and unlock your potential to achieve extraordinary success. Ready to embark on this transformative growth journey?

  • Development of a robust business model and competitive sales and marketing strategy.
  • Identification and resolution of business complexities with efficient, successful processes.
  • Assurance of sustainable long-term success with best practice implementation.
  • Exclusive program for goal-driven entrepreneurs aiming for exceptional business growth and success.
  • Opportunity to work with professional advisors having the same ambition and drive.
  • Assurance of unlocking greater business potential, improved operational efficiency, and increased revenue.
  • Assists in enhancing professional capabilities, including management skills and decision making.
  • Extensive mentorship and coaching program with Business Blueprint Sprint and continuous coaching and guidance to management team.

Here is how the program is organised to deliver the transformative business growth and success:

The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Game Plan

The Business planning Bootcamp begins with nurturing the right mindset. This involves discussing and brainstorming business visions, mission, system building, and essential business habits.

Understanding Business Environment

Together with the participants, we navigate the market landscape through exercises like customer analysis, competitive analysis, and value proposition design.

Financial Modelling and Business Planning

Delve deeper into financial aspects, uncovering financial modeling to capture market opportunities and support cash flow. We also finalise business planning strategies for mission fulfilment, hiring, retention, and training to achieve results.

Marketing, Branding, and Positioning

During the Business Planning Bootcamp, we spend substantial time on marketing and branding, covering customer profiling, market analysis, brand positioning, digital marketing strategies, and marketing collateral design.

Sales System for Business Success

We discuss sales strategies set on the premise of strong value propositions, covering lead generation, converting leads, cross-selling, upselling, and essential sales performance monitoring.

Action Checklist

The program ends with the action checklist that becomes the blueprint for the business team to take forward the finalised plan guiding their path to achieve the results.

Team Coaching and Mentoring

We compliment the Business Mastery program with sustained team coaching and mentoring for accomplishing business goals. Our team reviews the growth checklist on periodic basis to provide insights, align strategies, and change actions wherever necessary.

The focus of our coaching goes beyond just business mechanics. We train you to foster leadership skills, enhance communication, and bolster problem-solving abilities, all crucial for actualising planned results.

The sustained mentoring and coaching helps track your implementation phase, provides consistent feedback, and ensures that any potential gap between planning and execution is bridged.

Combining the business planning bootcamp with sustained mentoring and coaching assures that we deliver transformative business growth and learning exprience that prepare your team confidently tackle business challenges and achieve business objectives.

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Digital Product Sprint is for you if…

  • You want to apply step-by-step comprehensive idea discovery and product vision articulation.
  • Carry out idea discovery, detailed competitive analysis and customer segmentation to discover customer needs.
  • Bring your team to collaborate and contribute for reviewing, refining, and finalizing product prototypes.
  • Develop high-fidelity product design tested and validated by target customers and stakeholders.
  • Refine your business idea and engage in hands-on prototyping and customer validation exercise.
  • System design specification documentation and technical architecture guidance.

Here is how our customers have derived Benefits from the Digital Product Sprint:

  • A strategic and thorough approach to product development.
  • Brainstorming for discovering unique product needs.
  • Enriched end-user experience through customer-centric design and innovation tactics.
  • Efficient product market positioning through competitive analysis.
  • Reduced risk and realistic user feedback from prototyping phases..
  • Assurance of satisfaction and operational efficiency through detailed documentation and technical advice.
  • Professional and user-friendly product interface from expert UX/UI team.
  • Production of a technologically advanced product that stands out in the market.

Grab the opportunity to ideate, discover, and launch a compelling product with our Product Launch Sprint. This approach actively involves you, prioritizing your vision, ideas, and requirements.

Phase I: Conceive, Analyze & Understand

We start the digital product sprint with understanding of potential product ideas. We spend considerable amount of time to articulate and refine your product vision. We conduct a competitive analysis, customer segmentation, and draft customer journeys.

On Day Two, we focus on creating the product’s information architecture and a concept-level, low-fidelity prototype. This iterative process helps us synthesize the best ideas and components.

IPhase II: Refine, Prototype & Review

After the extensive work in Phase I, our UX/UI team refines the blueprint. Our team crafts low-fidelity prototype based on the requirements and ideations completed during the Phase I. We then plan meeting with target customers and stakeholders for rigorous discussions and prototype finalization.

Phase III: Design, Approve & Document

Our proficient UX/UI team translates the validated prototype into a high-fidelity mockup and prototype. We finalize the deliverbales post review, discussion and approval of stakeholders to proceed further for the next step.

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