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Website and Web Application Development

We build and develop beautiful, modern, and pixel-perfect full-stack Web and Mobile Applications. We deliver strategic innovations by undertaking projects for large as well as emerging enterprises with the help of integrated, scalable, and secure technology solutions at the core.

We offer full-stack Web App Development

We are a complete full-stack Web App Development expert in the business of building well-structured, engaging and user experience driven products and solutions.

Sparkling Web Experiences

We are designers of compelling and intuitive web solutions. We craft sparkling web experiences keeping ease-of-use and intuitiveness in the center of our design process. We bridge the gap between the technical and impersonal nature of the web by adding personality to your website making it accessible and user friendly.

Cloud App Custom Web Applications

We are a pioneer of building enterprise-class custom web solutions for intranets, business solutions, products, and dashboards that best meet business requirements. We develop robust, high-performance and scalable applications that are designed to support messaging, engagement and collaboration for our clients.

Gaming And Multimedia Applications

Our team specializes in building highly intuitive gaming and multimedia applications for media & entertainment driven business opportunities and brand engagement. We have highly skilled developers who can provide highly customisable solutions with our wide range of preset modules, libraries and effects.

Devops Management

We have architected, designed and managed a dozen of large-scale IT infrastructure to support ongoing business growth. We offer design, provisioning, cloud deployment, and ongoing maintenance helping enterprises derive real value.

Cross-device User Experience

We have requisite proficiency in building applications that are being used by people across multiple channels and devices making the different interfaces broadly deliver functionality of similar kind. Appetals delivers device-optimized and responsive application development to support the ease of shifting and fulfils the ultimate goal of cross-platform design that the experience should feel coherent.

Building Award-Winning, profit-generating Apps

We start with understanding your values and goals. We collaborate and engage with our client to understand things that make their business a unique one and work together to chart out a definitive way to solve the problem. It’s our craftsmanship of building pathbreaking stuff in digital technology for over two decades.

.NET Development

Appetals has reputable credentials for enterprise application development using various technologies associated with the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.

E-Commerce Development

Appetals is a most-trusted E-Commerce development partner for leading businesses for E-Commerce consultation, Shopify, Magento, and custom e-commerce development.

PHP Development

We have built a dozen of projects involving custom applications, CMS based websites, and LAMP stack.

API Development

We develop secure, reliable, and well-architected REST-API, JSON, and XML APIs for modern web and mobile applications.

Full-stack Development

At Appetals, our full-stack development expertise includes tools and frameworks, such as NodeJS, JavaScript, Express, MongoDB, AngularJS, React, jQuery, and others.

Python Development

We provide full-stack Python web development from conceptualisation to launch ready app using Django, Flask, and FastAPI.

Business Solutions Consulting
  • Our Business Solutions Consulting aims to transform your business into a thriving revenue-generating machine ready to capitalize on new market opportunities.
    We use a time-tested business transformation process complemented by easy-to-follow, step-by-step methods, checklists, templates, and action blueprints to optimize the business and improve operations and risk profiles. We offer
  • Business Planning Bootcamp
  • Result-driven Sustainable Consultation and Mentoring
Custom Business Software Development
  • For the past 15 years, we have gained expertise in building all types of custom business solutions and supporting our clients with a comprehensive set of IT Services.
  • At Appetals Solutions, we have served startups, SMEs, and global enterprises in domains such as media, advertising healthcare, retail, marketing and financial, education, logistics, and education.
Efficient Business Process Automation
  •  We have built and deployed business process management solution using robust process management architecture integrated with workflow automation and knowledge management. It allows your team to maintain an effective business process to deliver quality customer services rather than spending hours trying to cope with processes, tasks, and team updates.
  • The real-time communication delivery engine ensures that you get instant notifications, real-time feedback and automated task scheduling to deliver the customer delight.
Any Device Access
  • Interactive real-time web application architecture for backend and dashboard
  • We create app icons, screenshots, metadata, and app builds for the iOS and Google Play store release
  • Mobile and tablet app for onboarding, customer logging, and real time customer engagement
  • Synchronization, notification and calendar integration
Workflow Enabled Tasks and Assignment Handling
  •  We have built the BPA platform to support the diversified teams and multi level user workflow based on the roles and specialisation.
  • Customer centric service escalation funnel
  • Exception reporting to track and report exceptions and inefficiencies
  • Decision support system for improving customer engagement
  • Team tasks and team performance analysis
Activity Logging And Real Time Communication
  • Todays customers want to stay connected. We support direct activity logging and tracking by customers. Our mobile app integration helps you stay connected with your customer and enable them to participate during the service delivery period.
  • Activity logging by customer
  • Q&A with your client service representative
  • Real time progress report and exception reporting
  • Notifications, reminders and calendar integration
  • FAQ and knowledge dissemination for better informed customer relationship management
Extensive Reporting and Integration
  •  We have integrated tons of reports to help you stay on the course of your business and customer relationship. Our dashboard helps you stay focused and stay informed
  • Reports on customer acquisition, customer service delivery and satisfaction
  • Daily log sheets of tasks, activities and team performance
  • Period reports to analyze the customer, business team and overall performance
  • Integration with billing and accounting system for financial management