Week21 of 2021: Noteworthy Chronicle

1. Email Mastery shares 11 email marketing tips to boost engagement and sales including how to write triggering subject lines, master the welcome email, and re-engage dormant subscribers.
2. Fio Dossetto reveals how to build a million-dollar spreadsheet and explains why the most valuable content you can create for your audience may not be blog posts, videos, or podcasts – it may be a simple spreadsheet.
3. Ask HN: Engineering managers; what are the problems you face? How do you ensure you are working on the most important items for the TEAM?
  • What’s the thing that drains you the most?
  • Where do you reach out to get advice outside of your company?
  • What is missing from the tools you currently have?
4. You Probably Shouldn’t
Work at a Startup
It’s overrated—both financially and emotionally
5. Why your team is not delivering

It’s your people who have the right context, agency, and incentive to deliver the result. You need to have the right organizational structure that supports you achieve these results through people. The insights provided by Roger Nesbitt’s article will help you premortem what might be holding you back from not getting the results you expect as you focus on growing your business.


Tags: technology, product management, system design
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