On 20th June 2017, IES Management College & Research Centre, Mumbai invited us to conduct our “Zero to One Crore” workshop as a part of their Orientation program with 70+ participants. The audience consisted of both freshers and students with work experience. Out activity driven workshop enabled them to interact with each and break the ice thereby making them to think of pursuing entrepreneurship a career option. This college also runs a separate program with Entrepreneurship as a specialization.

Photo: Mr. Ishwar Jha addressing the participants with his motivational talkzero to crore ies mumbai


Photo: Students listing down their priorities during one of the workshop activitieszero to crore ies mumbai


Photo: Students sharing their business ideas with the audiencezero to crore ies mumbai


Photo: Winner of Cash Prize for “Business Idea” activityzero to crore ies mumbai