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Ishwar Jha

A leader in the field of digital transformation and technologies, Ishwar Jha is the founder and director of Appetals Solutions Private Limited, a company that offers innovative solutions to accelerate, automate and transform businesses with help of technology. He is the founder of many of first-of-its-kind products and solutions. He has a rich experience of working with leading companies like Zee Entertainment, Sony Music, and many others. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise as a speaker, mentor, investor, coach, and consultant.

Featured, Recognised and Awarded

Fortunate to get awards and recognition from many prestigious domestic and international institutions

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As an established and multi-faceted chief executive and entrepreneur, Ishwar Jha has built a reputation for devising and executing award-winning digital products and services. Known for his strategic foresight and seamless execution, he specializes in digital transformation, product management and scaling startups and SMEs in technology, SAAS, media & entertainment, logistics, education, and finance sectors.

As Founder and CEO of Appetals Solutions, Ishwar Jha oversees revenue generation, product development, team management, and growth strategy. Before this, he had an impeccable career as the CEO and Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment, CIO of Sony Music in India and IT Manager of a few other organizations.

Career Journey:

A combination of passion and commitment has enabled him to transform concepts into reality, with many industry-firsts in his credit. These include India’s first and largest digital asset management system for Zee Entertainment, iSee TV (India’s first OTT platform), (India’s first online gaming portal), (India’s first professional content entertainment portal), AvaniTv (World’s first live TV service in the car), and MockRabbit (First mock interview practice app using AI/ML).

Product Management Experience:

Ishwar Jha’s experience spans over two decades, during which he has been instrumental in developing a portfolio of over a dozen market-leading products and services.

The BIAL Dashboard is a notable product that facilitated seamless collaboration and reporting of airport infrastructure development projects at Bangalore International Airport.

The Birla Estate project management dashboard app streamlined the tracking, reporting, and collaboration for real estate project statuses, significantly improving efficiency and communication with the stakeholders.

As the architect behind Wistec Assessments, he introduced a secured, modern web app for skill assessment, generating precise performance reports and gauging employee readiness, equipping businesses with essential insights for talent management.

MockRabbit is another iconic product, introducing intelligent interview practice using NLP/AI/ML technologies to prepare candidates for cracking the coding interview.

With the Collegepond/Converge, a web and mobile super application for study abroad aspirants, we were able to streamline the complicated process of overseas education consulting from start to finish.

AvaniTV was a pathbreaking product to deliver live television streaming in the car. Our set-top-box model integrated with the audio-visual system in the car and provided hassle-free in-car entertainment.

Ishwar played a catalyst role in developing and implementing the Digital Asset Management System for Zee Entertainment, digitizing and archiving over 300,000 hours of audio and video content for easy retrieval, replenishment and online publishing.

Each digital product was developed with critical attention to detail, comprehensive planning, and an in-depth understanding of market needs and consumer behaviour, winning recognition and adoption in their respective sectors.

Awards & Recognitions:

Ishwar has earned rewards and recognition from many prestigious domestic and international institutions. Highlights include being featured on CNBC TV18 Young Turks, winning the Best IT Implementation of the Year Award from PCQuest in 2004, and being recognized by CIO 100 by CIO Magazine India and Storage Giant of the Year 2006 by EMC.

As a thought leader in the business technology field, Ishwar has written and published over 200 articles on IT strategy and management topics for leading publications such as MIS Asia, DataQuest, and CIO Magazine. He has also participated in leading industry events as a keynote speaker and panellist for prestigious events such as MeM Asia, India Telecom World, World Mobile Congress, and many other CIO/CTO Events.

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