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Accelerate Digital Transformation and Technology Management

Whether you want to embrace new digital capabilities or launch an entirely new digital product through our digital transformation and technology management services, we can help you accelerate growth in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

We Work With Ambitious Leaders To Help Them Achieve Growth And Success

At Appetals, our leadership team has helped numerous startups, SMEs, and large enterprises achieve business excellence through our digital transformation consultation. We apply proven methods, planning and evaluation to achieve the intended results.


Define the Objectives

We approach every digital transformation with a clear understanding of goals, objectives, focus areas of improvement and steps required to achieve planned results.

Digital Transformation

Create Digital Transformation Strategy

Carrying forward the learnings from the first step, we review the outcome with our client team. We develop strategy, align goals, set budgets, suggest change and identify key technologies.

App Development

Overhaul systems and processes

We advise new systems and processes, clear identification of resources, roles and accountability for digital transformation to achieve planned results.

Quality Check

Modernise technology and solutions

As part of our digital transformation consulting, we suggest technology, applications and solutions to help you achieve your goals and help your organization meet its set objective.

Digitals Transformation

Execute digital transformation plan

We set goals and tasks into trackable chunks, making them easier to achieve. We start implementing the plan with the coordination of all stakeholders.


Establish tracking measures

We implement a feedback system, intuitive dashboard and regular collaboration with all stakeholders to gauge the progress, remove obstacles and measure the success of the digital transformation project.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services to Accelerate Digital Transformation

We offer a range of services to help you thrive in the digital age. We work with your team to assess the current business landscape, discover emerging opportunities, implement new technologies and manage the business effectively.

Assessment and Planning

We believe that strategic assessment and planning must be carried out by businesses to align their digital strategy with overall business goals and objectives. Here’s how we carry out assessment and planning for digital transformation projects:

We start the project with a thorough evaluation of the current technology deployment, identify areas of improvements

We set goals and objectives to craft the strategy to meet business aspirations.

We assess your capabilities, develop an action plan and set metrics to track critical factors for project success.

We prepare the strategic plan, discuss it with the your team and hand over the finalised plan for execution.

Digital Transformation Assessments and Planning Appetals Solutions
Business Applications for employee productivity by Appetals Solutions

Technology Implementation

Whether buying ready-to-use software or developing custom software, we can help you evaluate, install, configure and troubleshoot to make it work and deliver the intended results.

We evaluate, advise and train your team to use the application features and functionalities to achieve planned results.

We assist with the installation, configuration and management of software applications to make them available.

We manage software development and implementation project management to assure you of timely project completion and accelerate digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Planning

We have helped dozens of companies grow their business and thrive in modern times with the right vision, proven strategies and planned actions.
We distil the stumbling blocs and business complexities into a sequential process and system that produces exponential results effectively.
With the help of our business planning consulting, you can design a powerful vision for your business and ramp up every aspect of your business to reshape the growth of your business.
We organize marketing, innovation, sales and operations to double your revenue and profitability.
Our team deliver you the business plan blueprint containing a roadmap and action checklist to lead your path to success.

Business Planning Appetals Solutions
Product Launch

Product Launch Sprint

We have worked inside global enterprises, SMEs and startups, handling leadership responsibilities, and managing projects, people and processes for over 25 years to accelerate digital transformation.

Applying our process-driven approach and innovation models, we help develop the product launch blueprint to maximize the chance of your product success.

We kick off the product launch sprint program by brainstorming on your idea to make it a market-ready product.

With the help of mental models, value proposition design, prototyping and customer validation, we discover the product features and benefits to attract significant customer interest.

We complete the product launch sprint program, delivering you the prototype, design, information architecture and launch checklist that will act as a guiding tool to launch your product.

Project and Team Management

We believe clear objectives, realistic expectations, adequate resource planning, establishing roles and ownership, and progress tracking significantly improve project and team management.

Our project and team management consultants blend expertise, meticulous planning, and system-driven approach to optimize project management processes, enhance collaboration, and achieve measurable project outcomes.

Get in touch to drive efficiency, mitigate risks, and ensure project delivery on time, within budget, and with lasting impact.

Project and Team Management Consulting Appetals

Our Leadership Team has executed award-winning Digital Transformation and Technology Management Projects

Technology Management Services by Appetals Solutions

Technology Management

Our team has worked for businesses of all sizes, delivering technology management services, infrastructure management, and solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and reliability.

We have expertise in planning, implementing, managing and optimizing technology services to meet the needs of end users.
We have deployed tailor-made data centre services, network management, cloud set up and end-user support services.

We provided our client’s field-force tracking, applications, messaging and collaboration, application support and maintenance services.

Business Solutions Experiences Appetals

Business Solution Consulting

Our multi-disciplinary team of technology experts have helped businesses identify and solve problems related to operations, management and strategy.

We help identify new markets, products or services that can help businesses grow and expand their business to thrive in the digital age.

We guide business teams to develop business plans that help them discover emerging opportunities, organize resources, and develop a shared understanding of business goals and visions.

We advise best-of-breed tools, technology and solutions to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Mean Stack Business Applications by Appetals Mumbai

ERP Development and Implementation

Our team possesses deep expertise in helping companies like Sony Music, Zee Entertainment, and Collegepond Counselling decide, develop and implement ERP systems to manage finance, manufacturing, supply chain, human resources, and operations to manage business activities efficiently.

We help implement ERP systems by providing technical expertise and guidance throughout the process of ERP selection, implementation and maintenance.

We have proven expertise in developing custom ERP solutions for managing customer relations, business processes and team collaboration.

Media and Entertainment Industry Solutions Appetals

Media and Entertainment

Appetals leadership team has over 15 years of leadership experience delivering many pathbreaking products, services and solutions for leading media and entertainment companies.

Our expertise includes setting up digital asset management solutions, OTT platforms, artificial intelligence and cloud computing services specific to the media and entertainment businesses.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts can turn your vision into reality by accelerating your media and entertainment business with digital transformation.

We work with ambitious leaders to build businesses with digital transformation from seed to scale.

Our digital transformation expertise helps ambitious leaders build businesses from seed to scale.

Transformative Success Stories