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Custom Business Applications and Solutions Development

Appetals is a custom business application development and maintenance company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Our team of enthusiastic business analysts, web and mobile application developers and design specialists develop custom business application solutions to help businesses achieve goals, growth and profits.

We offer full range of business application development services

We uniquely combine domain expertise, business application development skills and proven practices to help you unlock your potential by overcoming the obstacles of uncertainty, significance, and growth.


Requirement Discovery and Analysis

Our team works with you in uncovering precise needs, fueling innovation, and sculpting the roadmap to unparalleled growth.

UI/UX Research, Design and Development

We conduct UI/UX research, design and development to create a seamless customer journey that captivates and converts.

App Development

Application Development

Our developers possess the expertise of employing modern methodologies and practices that ensure rapid delivery, adaptability, and market-leading solutions.

Quality Check

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our quality assurance and testing team specialise in rigorous quality assurance and testing to support peak performance and user delight.

Deployment and DevOps Management

We support our client with hosting, DevOps and configuration management focusing on agility, scalability and operational best practices.

Application Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated support and maintenance service safeguards your application, maximizes uptime, and affects improvements.

Our Expertise for Business Application and Solutions Development and Maintenance Services

Custom CRM and Business Process Management Applications

At Appetals Solutions, we have proven expertise for developing custom business applications and solutions for CRM and BPM to transform your customer relationship processes, optimize performance and achieve their strategic objectives.

We have worked with leading clients working with them to develop CRM, e-commerce and business process management software for several clients in education, entertainment and financial services industry.

Our solutions deliver unified view of custome data across all touch points, automate repititive tasks, streamline workflows and implement data-driven decision making capabilities.

We will work with you to build sales forecasting, opportunity management, personalized customer journey management, real-time process visibility and collaborative task management platforms across teams to enhance the productivity.

Business Applications for employee productivity by Appetals Solutions

Workforce Productivity & Collaboration Software

Social media apps are among the most popular mobile apps as it helps people connect, create and share thoughts, ideas, and experiences. With social media, you can create and share platforms and content with your online communities. Hence, integrating your app with social media is an opportunity to market your business without limits. Leverage Android’s phenomenal reach and powerful features to create social media apps that make it easy for your target audience to share passionate things and keep them engaged with your apps.

Mobile Application Development

We have built hundreds of many-of-first of it’s kind Android and iOS mobile applications covering project management, transportation, financial, education and entertainment industry specific needs.

Whether you are looking to develop a native or hybrid mobile app, we have the capability to build mobile applications with cross-platform compatibility, cost-effectiveness and access to any device capabilities.

With our help, you can revolutionize your business with our mobile application development services.

api backend development appetal

Website and Web Application Development

Partner with us to fulfil your needs of website or web application that works seamlessly across all devices and delivers engaging experience for your customers.

We have developed enterprise-grade complex business applications using fullstack programming technologies such as MEAN Stack, MERN stack, Python, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Appetals team will help you elevate your business with our website and web application development services with customized design, user-friendly interface and mobile responsiveness.

Backend and API Development

With our expert Backend and API development solutions with robust serverside logic, you can unleash the full potential of your digital business, enabling your web and mobile applications to deliver unparalleled efficiency and functionality.

In order to ensure scale, safety and high-performance, our expert team advise and use most-relevant technology stack for backend and API development.

Leveraging our proven backend and API development expertise, you can confidently aim for unparalleled digital experiences through convergence of innovation and reliability.

api backend-development appetal

Some of Our Custom Business Applications and Solutions Development Experiences

Our designers and developers are trusted partners of startups and large enterprises to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

converge collegepond project
Gocon and 1HR project
mockrabbit project

Collegepond Counselling

We created custom business applications for web and mobile devices to offer CRM and global education counselling features for their students and counselling team.

Converge App

A Flutter based multi-devices accessible application offering online community for global education and career aspirants.

We have built a niche HR marketplace as a one-stop-solution to discover HR services online for training, recruitment, consulting, assessments, employee engagement, etc.

BIAL Project Management Dashboard

Our team helped Bengaluru International Airport plan, track and manage airport development project using an intuitive project management dashboard solution.

Gocon - Trailer Booking Application

Gocon, a leading startup in association with Kolkata Port Trust, built real-time trailer booking system for container transportation for import and export.

PowerCraft - Parking App

An all-in-one marketplace app to help public parking slot operators with booking, payment collection, parking ticket printing and reporting using embedded Android application and dashboard.

Wistec Assessments System

Our efforts helped Wistec, a Finland based company, launch skill assessment platform for carrying out tests and analyze the job fitment for student and professionals.

MockRabbit - Intelligent Interview Practice App

As an early adopter of modern technology inventions, our team built an NLP/AI/ML application to help practice the mock interview.

And many more…

converge collegepond project
Gocon and 1HR project
mockrabbit project

Trust our over 2 decades of building many first-of-its-kind custom web and mobile business application and solutions development

FullStack Application Development

We consider fullstack as first-class citizen for business application development. We leverage modern tools and features for building user-friendly interface, crafting visually stunning frontend and intuitive application backend development.

Our team has extensive expertise to manage servers, databases, and application logic, guaranteeing reliable performance, secure data, and swift, seamless interactions.
Relish our expertise for full-stack development if you are looking for visually stunning frontend development and power of backend performance for your business application development project.

Android Application Development

Android apps are installed and used by billions of people worldwide. It provides customizability, user-friendliness, and a wide range of multimedia capabilities to build immersive user experiences.
Appetals offer end-to-end solutions to create high-quality, user-friendly, bug-free, and scalable Android business applications that meet your requirements.
Our team at Appetals have expertise to develop social networking, e-commerce, marketplace, entertainment, travel, healthcare and financial apps.
We’d be happy to discuss your unique requirements for developing custom business applications for Android that embarks you on a journey of innovation and success.

Python Application Development

Python is a most widely used programming language for developing modern software solutions for web, data science, artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning and cybersecurity.
It offers wide variety of libraries like PySoy, pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, Keras, Django, Flash, and many others for end-to-end solutions.
Our team has the capabilities to develop best-in-class, user-friendly, and scalable Python applications to meet your unique business application development requirements.

MEAN Stack Development

We have used MEAN stack due to it’s robust convergence of premium technologies for superior web application development.

With MySQL at the foundation, our team simplifies data management to facilitate complex data handling with cloud readiness. Express.js and Node.js substantially increase app speed and efficiency with their superior, non-blocking performance. Our developers use AngularJS for developing intuitive user interfaces.

By adopting the MEAN stack, we have ensured cleints build a seamless, agile, and efficient app and web development, allowing client take strategic move in the digital business forefront.

iOS Application Development

We have built dozens of iOS apps catering to the varied requirements of our clients. iOS provides features and technology capabilities such as Swift programming language, UIKit, SwiftUI frameworks and Xcode IDE.
Our experienced team can deliver iOS apps with perfect UI/UX design, development, testing, third-party services integration, optimization and maintenance.
We have worked with clients in media, entertainment, finance, logistics and infrastructure industry to build apps optimized for speed, performance and user experience.

Flutter Application Development

Developed and supported by Google, Flutter has gained significant ground as it provides requisite components for high-performance and natively compiled mobile, web and desktop applications from a single codebase.
It supports Dart programming language, widgets, hot reload, customizable UI components, native-like user experience and access to native features and APIs, elevating Flutter as a top choice for developers for multi-platform business application development.
Contact us today to discuss how our team can work with you to develop business applications for you.

Our Industry Expertise

We are a highly recommended for building custom business applications for wide range of industries.

appetals media entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Driven by 15 years of senior executive and leadership role in companies such as Zee Entertainment and Sony Music, our team has built many industry-leading applications and solutions for media and entertainment industry.
We are specialist for building content management system, digital asset management system, video streaming platform and business intelligence applications specifically designed and customized for media and entertainment businesses.
Our pioneering efforts can support and grow your mission to deliver personalized content recommendations, interactive storytelling, user engagement and AI-powered content generation.
Embrace the future of media and entertainment business with custom applications and solutions from Appetals Solutions team.
financial services

Financial Services

In the digital first world, it’s must for financial services companies to stay ahead embracing technology and adapting to changing customer needs.
At Appetals, we have helped leading financial services companies growth gloas with innovative applications and solutions development.
We have worked with companies like AMSEC, JM Finanials, and many others build financial applications for trading, portfolio management, fraud detection, risk management and compliance solutions.
Get in touch today to build AI-Powered chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Recommendation engine, payment solutions and data analystics platform to embark on the journey of innovation and transforation.
education business

Education, Training and Employment

At Appetals, we have a significant footprint for transforming the education, training and employment sector through innovative applications and technology solutions.
We have demonstrated capabilities for developing internship and employment platform, career counselling solutions, tests and assessment software and adaptive learning platform.
Leverage our understanding of unique challenges and opportunities discovery in the education, training and employment domain to develop custom applications to enhance learning experiences, streamline operations and drive workforce efficiency.
e-commerce business

Bespoke E-Commerce and Niche Marketplace

We are a passionate solution developer eager about helping businesses succeed in the e-commerce and marketplace landscape.
We have helped several companies with e-commerce development, niche marketplace, advance search and discovery, product recommendation engine, and seamless checkout.
Contact Appetals to discuss your unique bespoke e-commerce and niche marketplace requirements and embar on a journey together to create unique and engaging shopping experiences.
Supplychain Applications

Logistics and Supply Chain

Supercharge your logistics and supply chain business with custom applications and solutions for efficient, transparent, connected and efficient future.
Appetals is an award-winning solution provider helping modernize logistics and supply chain infrastructure, cloud-based solutions, real-time visibility and control of supply chain network, optimize routes and fleet management, automate processes to streamline operations, and business intelligence to gain actionable insights for decision-making.
Whether you are running a startup, SME or large enterprise, contact us today to discuss how we can help you innovate and transform your unique business requirements of demand forecasting, supply chain platform, logistics automation and real-time tracking system.

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