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E-Commerce Development and Management Services

Our strategic ecommerce consulting and expert e-commerce development and management services help you discover new business opportunities and make value-driven decisions for efficient e-commerce operations. We analyse your business, design a customer-centric strategy, and build a beautiful, high-converting ecommerce platform that drives revenue and customer loyalty.

Build an online shopping experience your customers will love

Appetals is a full-service e-commerce development and management company, we offer strategic guidance, cutting-edge design, and multi-channel ECommerce platform expertise to help you run your online store that drives growth. We analyse your business, craft a customer-centric strategy, and build a beautiful, high-converting ecommerce platform that drives sales while providing a seamless, secure shopping experience. Our proven track record and focus on long-term customer relationships set us apart. Ready to see your ecommerce vision transform into a thriving reality? Schedule your free consultation today, and let’s make it happen.


E-Commerce Consulting

With Appetal’s specialised E-Commerce consulting, you ought to orchestrate your sales, conversion, and profit. Our tailored consulting services are geared to supercharge your E-Commerce business with planning, design, launch, optimisation, and results.

E-Commerce Development

We are a trusted provider of E-Commerce websites tailored to your unique business. We develop online stores, multi-vendor marketplace, and omnichannel E-Commerce solutions that boost sales, conquer SEO and create irresistible product pages.

App Development

UI/UX Design

Elevate your e-commerce store user experience with our UI/UX services, which are custom-crafted to showcase your unique brand style and value proposition. We design modern, well-architected online stores to boost sales and ensure a seamless user experience.

Quality Check

E-Commerce Developer Hiring

Equipped with modern technology stacks, expert knowledge, and practical experiences, our E-Commerce developers can build design-focused, performance-optimised, and lightning-fast online stores across all technology stacks.

Optimisation & Support

Elevate your E-Commerce game with our optimisation and support services, which extend our expertise in keyword research, SEO, product page optimisation, UX design, personalisation, and conversion rate optimisation.

Mobile Development

Extend your E-Commerce store with a beautifully designed and well-crafted mobile app that is fast-loading, easy product browsing, one-touch checkout, personalised offers and promotions, and seamless integration with your online store.

Our Expertise in Creating Growth-focused E-Commerce stores and Platform Development

E-Commerce Website Development

Our team at Appetals has been at the forefront of developing  websites and mobile apps as part of our e-commerce development and management services, helping companies of all sizes capitalise on digital commerce opportunities. Our team builds visually stunning and responsive online stores with product cataloguing, shopping cart, checkout, user profiles, security and store management features.

We include promotions, discounts, live chat, personalised recommendations, loyalty programs, integrations and advanced analytics to accelerate your business growth.

We have the expertise to build online stores using Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and custom technology stacks to adapt to the size and complexity of your business-specific requirements and budget.

Online marketplace development by Appetals

Online Marketplace Development

Our e-commerce development and management team at Appetals has result-driven expertise to build a thriving online marketplace that connects multiple buyers and sellers seamlessly. Setting our context on the unique challenges and opportunities involved in developing online marketplace software, we specialise in creating robust, scalable solutions that empower your business to facilitate secure transactions, simplify product management, enhance user experience, streamline logistics, and foster community.

We have proven expertise and hands-on learning to bring your marketplace vision to life. This includes customisable storefront development, vendor management system, secure payment gateway integration, advanced search and filtering functionality and scalable infrastructure.

Ready to discuss your online marketplace project in more detail? We are offering a free consultation to understand your specific needs and provide a tailored solution.

Omnichannel E-Commerce Development

Are you looking to deliver a unified shopping experience across your retail, dropshipping, marketplace, and social commerce? Leverage Appetals team expertise to deliver a seamless journey for your customers, no matter how they interact with your business.

Setting the premise on unified customer experience, we build omnichannel ECommerse solutions that connect multiple channels and provide efficient inventory management, order fulfilment management, data analytics and omnichannel marketing.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can enable you to deliver a smooth and connected shopping experience across all channels that drive sales and brand loyalty.

Mobile app development by Appetals for E-commerce

Mobile App for Online Store

At Appetals, we specialise in crafting intuitive and feature-rich e-commerce mobile apps designed to boost your business. E-commerce mobile apps allow your customers to browse your products, complete purchases, and track orders from the convenience of their mobile phones.

Ready to unlock your business’s mobile commerce potential? Leverage our e-commerce development and management expertise to build a mobile app that provides a seamless shopping experience, personalised engagement, push notification power, offline functionality, API integration and enhanced brand experience.

E-Commerce Plugins & Modules

Does your E-Commerce store need additional features like a wishlist, product reviews, abandoned cart recovery, booking, subscription, etc.? Our team at Appetals can help you build custom features to supercharge your E-Commerce store with custom plugins and modules. We develop and deliver enhanced functionality, streamlined operations and personalised shopping journeys with the help of custom plugins and modules.

Trust our proven expertise in need assessment, plugin development, module customisation, and seamless integration to unlock the full potential of your E-Commerce store.

Omnichannel Ecommerce Development Appetals
Ecommerce support and maintenance by Appetals

E-Commerce Maintenance & Support

Running a successful e-commerce business requires monitoring website uptime, managing security updates, optimising performance, and addressing glitches as they arise. That’s where we come in! At Appetals, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to relieve your burden and keep your online store running smoothly.

Our proactive maintenance ensures constant monitoring, software updates, performance optimisation, security & patch management, bug fixes, troubleshooting and ongoing support so you can focus on growing your business.

Request a call for a free consultation with our E-Commerce experts today to discuss your specific needs and how we can help.

Our Software and Technology Expertise for e-commerce management

We have an in-house team of certified specialists with the skills and experience to offer a holistic blend of services tailored to your needs to ensure we deliver web stores that load quickly and are optimised for marketing and conversion.

Shopify Development

Our team boasts extensive experience and proven results in crafting high-converting Shopify stores that drive sales and elevate your brand. Our business-savvy Shopify developers possess hands-on learning in liquid programming, front-end development, Shopify API, E-Commerce store best practices and timely project delivery.

BigCommerce Development

Unlock the power of your e-commerce business with our team’s BigCommerce Development, maintenance, and optimisation expertise. Our team at Appetals applies best practices in areas like stencil framework, front-end templates, BigCommerce APIs, Integrations, and Performance Optimization to develop BigCommerce page design, checkout flow, performance, and security features to deliver a positive user experience.

WooCommerce Development

We have a team of WooCommerce developers who excel in combining user-friendliness, customisation capabilities and advanced features to drive your E-Commerce success. We craft high-converting WooCommerce websites with PHP & MYSQL proficiency, WordPress Theme Customization, Plugin Development and a deeper understanding of the WordPress ecosystem.

FullStack E-Commerce Development

We have a specialist team of full-stack e-commerce developers capable of developing custom, robust, and scalable online stores that drive sales, enhance brand image, and deliver a seamless customer experience. Leveraging the expertise of our full-stack E-Commerce development team, we can help you build beautiful interfaces with powerful functionality tailored to your specific needs and vision, ensuring a perfect fit for your business model.

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