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About Appetals Solutions Mumbai

Appetals Solutions helps clients with expert IT services to accelerate business growth by enhancing efficiencies, expanding market reach and fostering innovation. Our team has deep expertise in developing digital transformation, software development and team augmentation. We combine customer insights, strategy, design, project management, and software development to convert ideas into launch-ready products.

A brainchild of Mr. Ishwar Jha, Appetals Solutions is an initiative to serve startups and enterprise customers passionate about accelerating innovation with the help of new technologies. Our team constantly invests time and money in understanding new technology to innovate evolving business models and new consumer behaviors.

The Appetals Solutions team enjoys impeccable credit for building many first-of-its-kind digital products and technologies for leading global corporations. The company delivers planned results using proven tools, guided processes, and powerful tactics. We are proud of innovating and building digital asset management systems, dashboards for business and project monitoring, India’s first OTT platform, the world’s first live TV service in the car, internship platform, intelligent interviewing app, container booking app, and many more.

We are eager to talk with you to work alongside you in the technology-driven world’s emerging era applying our experience in education, entertainment, infrastructure, media, and advertising.

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Years of successful track record

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Startup and Enterprise customers

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Mobile and web applications

Technology Inspired Craftsmanship

We take a great deal of pride in making technology work of such superior quality that it is going to deliver result with the speed and accuracy. We do hard work and we have the obsession with each and every detail worth the efforts.
That’s our reward.

Our Experience and Expertise is your Power

We understand the business vision, goals, and long-term strategies, and then apply the tools and methods of innovation to build a product complimenting the business success.
With more than 25 years of experience in developing path-breaking products and improving their lifecycle, we assure market ready products and solutions to our client.

Outcome based Project Management Practices

We practice Agile and LEAN principles. We emphasize with a great deal to learn about the idea, the product, and the creator’s vision. We prioritise the tasks based on the set goals, and our team ensures that we shipped right things on time. We are committed to solving real problems of our client and act like their partner in their business growth.

Software and Platforms Expertise

We work with the interdisciplinary team members drawn from business, technology, product development and design expertise. We work with our client to develop technology solutions for real-time communication, knowledge management, and BPM.

Our Leadership Team

Ishwar Jha is a senior executive entrepreneur, product evangelist, teacher, speaker, and Writer. He enjoys developing ideas into real things that impact the lives of people in a meaningful way.

Over the past 25 years, Ishwar has worked on dozens of digital product ideas, launched digital products, and built successful businesses. As a former CEO and Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment, he pioneered the digital assets management system, co-founded a digital media company, launched India’s first OTP platform and web portal. As a CIO with Sony Music, He foresaw developing and implementing enterprise systems, digital archives, and custom business solutions. Ishwar contributed to the adaptation of futuristic technologies for business leadership.

Under his leadership, the Appetals team works with startups and enterprise businesses to build web and mobile applications, hire result-ready tech talents and grow business.

Our Approach

We work on product ideas and make them work right, look nice and help you reap real benefits.
Member work

Product Strategy

We make sure we thoroughly understand the idea, the vision, and the motivation. We define the goals you want to achieve, identify the market contexts in which you operate, and prepare action checklists that will help you accomplish your goals. We organize ideas and functionality into building a roadmap and developing features.

UI/UX Design

We identify a market opportunity, define a problem, develop a proper solution and validate the solution with real users. We apply design thinking to determine why what and how to build the right solution for your idea. We use UI/UX best practices and tools for designing a product that has the power to transform how your customer thinks, feels and behaves.

Product Development

Building products involves functional, product management, project management, technical, and quality assurance groups. We follow agile scrum to manage product development tasks and milestones. We create user stories, database design, and write code using best practices to simplify the user journey and boost engagement.

Launch and Support

Now that you have this new & launch-ready product, you’ve got to embrace and keep up with the ever-changing online world. We help you tab your audiences, their habits, and how they interact with your product and alter product development and communications based on feedback. This is a surefire way to see our strategy work and, most importantly, see results and affect the next action plan.