Edtech products and solutions to accelerate the shift to learner-centered education

Since 2012, we are actively working to build products and services to accelerate career possibilities, authentic learning experiences, and engaging learners to excel in the modern world.

EdTech products and solutions to accelerate the shift to learner-centered education

We work together with educators to enhance their classrooms with innovative technologies aligned to their learning objectives, offer instruction delivery tools, and engaging community platforms for participants, which provide tremendous value for schools, universities, and skill development organizations.

Appetals Solutions have extensive experience and expertise in building Edtech solutions for learning, assessments, activities, and employment.

Our vision is to work with the leading learning and development focused organizations to help them on their mission to augment human potential through interactive, useful, and engaging digital solutions.

Edtech Business Consulting

Appetals Solutions works with the founders and educational organizations to help them with research, strategy, and product development capabilities to formulate a growth strategy transforming their institution with our proven EdTech product and solutions development expertise. We engage with our clients to:

  • We analyze Edtech trends, market opportunities, and competitive landscape to provide sustainable growth and profitabilities
  • Transformation strategy development to tap the emerging and adjacent opportunities
  • Business planning and modeling to guide Edtech strategy to augment business expansion strategy
  • Brand, pricing, engagement, and new product development

Learning Management System

Launch the product in a comprehensive, predictable, and efficient way.

Appetals Solutions thoughtfully develops and deploys the learning management system using the PSIP (Personalised, Socialised, Integrated, Participative) framework.

We have proven expertise for building a learning management system for:

  • Open-source learning management system.
  • Custom learning management software.
  • Assignment and assessment management solution.
  • Community and collaboration tools for modern learners.
  • An integrated solution to facilitate webinars, community engagement, chat, appointment scheduling, and other features to help you achieve more.

Online Test Assessment Platform

Our specialist team of EdTech products and solutions development has built Test Assessment solution to execute competency and psychometric assessments for efficient hiring and skill development.

  • Our assessment solutions are a perfect fit for workforce development, recruitment assessment, cognitive assessment, and communication assessment.
  • We have carefully crafted the solution to fit the need of businesses, academia, and professional assessment agencies requirements.
  • It provides the most comprehensive features for creating questions, assessments, user invitation management workflow, certificates, and reports.
  • Our solution is fully secure and has an integrated feature to use AI/ML for better result prediction and fitment analysis.

Student Relationship Management

We have the ready-to-use Student Relationship Management Solution that helps you acquire more clients, deliver planned results, and keep them stay focused and engaged.

  • Tools to manage counselling service from lead to admission.
  • Integrate with calendars and payment systems to deliver greater results to more clients with less effort.
  • Integrate real-time chat and file sharing features to hold everything together and drive higher engagement.
  • Our solution has built-in modules to offer self-paced learning to create learning and lesson plans.
  • We emphasize privacy and security best practices with 128-it SSL encryption, OAuth 2.0 security, blockchain, etc.

Job and Career Portal

Are you looking for an integrated solution to offer job boards, career management services, and a hobby/extra-curricular marketplace? We have a comprehensive set of applications and know-how to help you achieve your goals.

  • Our intuitive job board offers various features to run modern job board services, including internships, jobs, and live projects.
  • Career management software providing features for career consulting, courses, knowledgebase, and community to drive a higher level of accountability and engagement with users.
  • We have proven expertise to build solutions for setting up the skill and hobby marketplace.

Our Edtech Solutions Development experience and expertise

Use our expertise to Launch market-winning Edtech product in a comprehensive, predictable, and efficient way.


Interndesk.com connect colleges, companies, and students to improve fresh graduates’ competency through internships, fresher jobs, and live projects.


Fabyuth.com provided a verified and credible search directory for finding activities, tuitions, workshops, and events.

Student Relationship Platform

A leading client assigned us to build a complete student CRM platform having features to manage student admission from lead to university admission.at engine.

MockRabbit App

Mockrabbit is an intelligent interview practice app using the ever-evolving NLP, AI, and ML technology. It helps IT job seekers mock practice interview before the actual interview.


Korroboree.com is a premium learning management platform focused on K-12 students providing them with guided learning, community and coaching.

Wistec Assessments

Wistec Assessments is a skill testing platform with secured and auto-proctered features to help you assess your potential skills and know the job readiness skills beforehand.

Transformative Success Stories