Hire Result-Ready Android App Developers in Mumbai

Hire Android app developers to build and maintain high-quality Android mobile applications. We offer experienced developers ready to create bespoke solutions that align with your business needs using cutting-edge technologies, development tools and proven methodologies to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

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We engage for attracting top talents in the age of digital disruption

Why should you hire Android App Developers to build mobile apps from Appetals Solutions?

Hand-picked Android Developers

We carefully hand-pick smart, experienced, responsible, and responsive candidates.

Prescreened Candidates

We prescreen candidates using our intelligent interviewing software to find qualified Android developers.

Quick turnaround

Our database of over 23000 talented, skilled and experienced candidates assures you of quick turnaround time.

Flexible Contract Terms

We provide cost-effective fees and flexible commercial terms for a seamless experience.

Client-centered Approach

Appetals’ hiring experts work alongside our client’s team to find the right fit for your business.

Efficient Hiring Process

Our recruiting model follows a proven step-by-step process for screening, selection, and coordination.

Hire Android App Developers to accelerate app development project.

Lifestyle Android Apps

Businesses hire Android app developers to build applications for mobile devices to manage health, care for fitness, plan holidays, build good habits, and make friends. Android apps lead the pack by providing capabilities to build high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly lifestyle apps.

Social Media Android Apps

Social Media Android Apps

Social media apps are among the most popular mobile apps as it helps people connect, create and share thoughts, ideas, and experiences. With social media, you can create and share platforms and content with your online communities. Hence, integrating your app with social media is an opportunity to market your business without limits. Leverage Android’s phenomenal reach and powerful features to create social media apps that make it easy for your target audience to share passionate things and keep them engaged with your apps.

Utility Android Apps

Each one of us uses mobile utility apps to create reminders, schedule meetings, make payments and boost productivity.
Hire Android app developers from Appetals to exploit the innovative Android device capabilities to build utility features that increase your app’s acquisition, usage frequency, and engagement.

Utility Android Apps

Games Android Apps

Mobile games constitute about 21% of all Android app downloads. Mobile games attract the highest user retention and time spent as users come back to play games multiple times.
Android has a full range of tools and libraries to develop, optimize, launch and improve mobile games for Android devices.

Productivity Android Apps

Being productive and getting things done quickly and accurately have always been the most pressing need of humanity. There exist endless opportunities to build apps to create documents, spreadsheets, calendars, email, etc.

News/Entertainment Android Apps

News/Entertainment Android Apps

News and entertainment apps occupy top preference on Android device as it helps us stay informed and get entertained on the go.
Newer possibilities of making news and entertainment apps personalized, socialized, and participative to drive new opportunities.

B2B Android Apps

The growing ubiquity of Android mobile devices has bolstered mobile adoption for business management. Today, mobile apps dominate sales, customer relations, project management, reporting, tracking, operation management, and productivity.
Use the power of Android devices and apps to lead your organization to transform your business.

B2C Android Apps

It is usual for businesses to leverage the power of mobile to connect with their customer to disseminate product information, ordering, e-commerce, and loyalty management to connect and engage with customers.
Primarily businesses build e-commerce apps, loyalty apps, and product and services catalog apps to extend their business on mobile devices.

Trust our over a decade of hiring talented and skilled Android app developers

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Junior Android Developers

Junior Android Developers would have completed a few app development projects using Java or Kotlin. Skilled with the relevant knowledge of Android core and extended features, they will know how to access web services, store and display data, develop multimedia applications, perform routine tasks and carry out app upgrades and maintenance.

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Senior Android Developers

When you need to build modern, fast, and reliable Android mobile apps, you will need to hire senior Android Developers to get the job done. Senior Android Developers will independently build advanced applications, collaborate with teams, work with data sources and APIs, carry out unit-testing, bug fixes, improve app performance and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

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Mid-level Android Developers

These developers will have 3 to 5 years of experience and are considered mid-level professionals with the skills and expertise to develop Android apps independently. The mid-level Android Developers will develop apps for smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices using advanced features such as API integration, data presentation, UI/UX development, AI/ML/NLP features, etc.
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Android Testing/ QA Engineer

You need great Android developers to build incremental features and improve the app functionality. You also need Android Test/QA Engineers to ensure that you deliver quality experiences to the customer and your app works seamlessly.

The successful Testing/QA engineer will possess skills for mobile testing, understanding UAT, system techniques, understanding of integration and regression testing, analytical and problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail.

Inside look at our it Android App Developer Hiring Process

Our Android app developers’ hiring process centres on providing prescreened talent as per client needs, fulfilling technical expertise, professionalism, culture fit, and communication skills.


Identify Client Needs

We discover skills, expertise, and culture fit by reviewing the job description and interaction with the client.


Shortlist candidates

We use our vast pool of databases, online platforms, and referral networks to find ideal candidates.


Conduct initial screening

Our HR and technical experts conduct phone interviews for initial screening to gauge the fitment and candidate’s readiness to transition to the new job.


Present profiles to the client

We present candidate profiles for further shortlisting and interview scheduling by the client.


Interviewing, assessments, and due diligence

Together with the client, our team coordinates for scheduling interviews, assessments, and background check as may be required.

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Hiring and Onboarding

We follow up for offer acceptance, joining, and onboarding the selected candidates.